The Cast and Crew of Legend of Oz


Alison Hunt as Dot in Legend of Oz

Alison Hunt as DOT

Chris Shackleton as Fright in Legend of Oz

Chris Shackleton as FRIGHT

John Eric Ladd as Circuit in Legend of Oz

John Eric Ladd as CIRCUIT

Liam Murphy as Savage in Legend of Oz

Liam Murphy as SAVAGE

With Supporting Cast:

HENRY   Brian Tannenbaum EM   Ellen Manchee
TEN   Dyna Ibrahim KRAUSER   Travis Ranta
BOQ   Simon Seline PORTIA   Celeste Haslett
LOCASTA   Colleen Sutton WESTER   Michelle Leblanc
SANDY   Ashleigh Freedman CINDY   Kyla Gray
MINDY   Fiona Noakes MANDY   Danielle Savoie
MOMBI   Mayssam Zaaroura TIP   Tyler Krusch
LOGAN   Matthew Champ SPYDER   Leslie Cserepy
WIZARD   Ian Quick WINKIE LEADER   André Givogue
OLD-TIMEY BASTARD   Aaron Hay OZMA   Hayley Doelman

Non speaking roles:

Dahlia Meyer
WHEELERS   Véronique Cantin
Lisa Gibson
Kyla Gray
Chantal Mathieu
Anik Rompré
Danielle Savoie
G-MAN #1   Pierre Leblanc WINKIES   Ragi Ibrahim
Eduardo Sousa
PUPPETMASTER   Eduardo Sousa WIZARD’S AIDE   Annie-Claude Lapierre
TIP’S GUYS   Anna-Lisa Ferrari
Annie-Claude Lapierre
Samantha Plunkett
WIZARD’S GUN   Ragi Ibrahim
YOUNG ALICE   Tia Belle-isle    

Legend of Oz Crew

Writer-Director-Producer   Allan Mackey
Co-Producer   Eduardo Sousa
Assistant Directors   Annie-Claude Lapierre, Eduardo Sousa
Script Supervisers   Annie-Claude Lapierre, Eduardo Sousa
Location Sound   Annie-Claude Lapierre, Eduardo Sousa
Production Assistants   Annie-Claude Lapierre, Samantha Plunkett,
Eduardo Sousa
Fight Coordinator   Lionel Gibson (Orleans Taekwando)
Production Design   Allan Mackey
Make-up Artist   Julie Ann Irons
Costume Design: Mombi & Wheelers   Ashleigh Freedman
Wardrobe: Winged Monkeys   Ashleigh Freedman
Art Director   Louise Mackey
Savage’s Teeth   Ashley Stevens, Sean Hunt
Concept Art   Eduardo Sousa
Editor   Ben Hoskyn
Assistant Editor   Annie-Claude Lapierre
Lighting: Dot’s Farmhouse   Ben Hoskyn
Lighting: Festival Hall,
Wester’s Compound
  Allan Mackey
Car Wrangler: G-Men   Steve Mackey
Gun Wrangler: Winkie Leader   John E. McLenachan
Stunt Double: Dot   Annie-Claude Lapierre
Stand-In: Mombi   Annie-Claude Lapierre
Casting   Allan Mackey
Eduardo Sousa
Stills Photography   Nancy Hunt
Eduardo Sousa
Robert DuBroy
Lionel Gibson
Maura Stephens

Legend of Oz was produced with support from
Neuron Mirror Studios
and Hayshore Lakeside.

With special thanks to Laura L. Benn, Douglas Connors, Linda Doelman, Adam Douglas, Francine Haslett, Aaron Hay, Nancy Hunt, Sean Hunt, Steve Mackey, Kevin McMillan, Bahy Meyer, Jasmine Murray-Bergquist, Enrico Pradal, and Melinda Thériault,
plus the Douglas Family, Orleans Taekwondo, our friends at the Nepean Sportsplex and every member of our cast and crew for all the time, work, and effort they’ve given to the production, credited and beyond.


Produced by Allan Mackey with co-producer Eduardo Sousa for Valley Wind Productions

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